Features & plans

The ultimate tool for creators!

An app where you can gather everything you need in one place – your yarn, patterns, projects, journal and inspiration. We are constantly working on improving Knit&Note, and on this page you’ll find an updated overview of what features we have. 


  • All your crafting details in one place
  • Current projects, tools, inspiration and connection
  • Accessible everywhere you go
  • Customizable and personal to you


  • All the information about your project in one place
  • Add which pattern and yarns you are using
  • Use tools and add notes specific to your project
  • Plan future projects


  • Pattern library to store all your patterns
  • Organize them in custom categories
  • Upload as PDF or take a photo
  • Add tags to make it easy to browse your patterns

Yarn Stock

  • Store all your yarn in one easy-to-view place
  • Pictures make it easy to browse through your stash
  • Easy search by brand, type, colour, or gauge
  • Automatically updates based on yarn used in projects


  • Look back to see your progress in your projects
  • Stats let you see how much you’ve been making
  • Badges to reward you along your making journey


  • Share your creations in our community
  • View, like and comment on other’s projects
  • Get information about patterns and yarns used
  • Follow your favourite makers and designers


  • Increase/decrease calculator
  • Yarn calculator
  • Ruler to measure your swatches when you forgot to bring your measuring tape