Christmas in July

We are now well into summer and the season of Christmas in July is upon us. Maybe you’ll see summer camp kids decorating a pine tree, or a Santa handing out ice cream. But how is this at all related to knitting, crocheting, or other yarn crafts? Personally, I take Christmas in July as my early reminder to start thinking about actual Christmas. Most importantly, thinking about what I’ll be knitting.

Quite often on Christmas Eve, after the family time and festivities have ended, you might find me frantically knitting well into the night. A scarf for my brother, or a shawl for my mother. Projects that I should have started months ago. Instead, I’m trying to rush through them during the final month of the year. With it being such a busy time, I obviously never spend as much time knitting as I intend to. In more recent years I’ve tried to help myself out by starting my gifts early, some of them even during the summer. As it happens, I find Christmas in July to be the perfect reminder to start thinking about these things.

I hope that this bit of planning inspiration will help you this year, and that you can learn from my past mistakes. Now, start thinking about any projects that you are planning to make as Christmas presents. You might even want to put them in your Knit&Note Knitting Planner. Let this serve as an encouragement to start early. Don’t let the holiday season turn your beloved crafting time into something stressful.

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