Confessions of a Lazy Knitter

Knitting is such a wonderful craft, but no-one loves every single thing about it. Sometimes it just seems easier to skip a few steps. So, here are 4 confessions of a lazy knitter.

1. The swatch-less

Conversation about swatching

Living that no swatching life really is a gamble. Sure, sometimes it turns out fine, but other times, it really doesn’t. For instance, imagine, you just spent 2 months on an intricate sweater pattern only to find that it is way too small! It can be hard, but a little bit of extra effort at the start can go a long way.

2. The freestyle

Knitter gets lost in the pattern

Even the simplest of patterns can have parts where you need to pay attention a little bit. Coasting along without referring back to your pattern can leave you with regrets. Not to mention, all that time spent going back to fix mistakes.

3. The cast-off and forget it

Conversation about loose ends

Finally getting to the point of casting off and finishing with the knitting part a project is a great feeling. However, that isn’t really the end of the work is it. For some projects, weaving in the ends can take forever. So give some final attention to your poor “finished” works-in-progress, and then you can really wear it and show it off with pride.

4. The no blocking

Knitter wonders why their project looks weird

Don’t always look at yourself for mistakes in your work. Your project probably just needs a wash and some blocking to bring out its intended shape. Some people love blocking, but for others it can feel scary to wash our precious knitting. Trust the process, because you’ll love the results.

Everyone can relate to some of the confessions of a lazy knitter. Knitting is supposed to be enjoyable, so don’t feel guilty if you skip steps that you don’t like. We all do it from time to time.

We obviusly reccommend you to try out knit&note for easy track of your projects. In the app you have your projects and patterns available by a click, and you can do markings in the pattern, add row counters and quickly add notes in a place you’ll find back to in seconds. 


1 thought on “Confessions of a Lazy Knitter”

  1. Please… I have a special drawer where I throw “finished projects” – those who need waving in.

    I wore a sweater for a year with its ends not waved in 🤣 (I was hiding them inside).

    Sewing pieces together and weaving ends is the least favourite part of knitting for me.

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