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Crochet is massively on the up and coming and could be considered the “it” craft of the year. Celebrities are covered in it and it’s all over pinterest, that must mean it’s trendy, right? DIY has seen a massive rise in popularity post-pandemic as people required crafts to keep them occupied, while the importance of consumer sustainability increased. Regardless, crocheting has become a major fashion trend that you should get behind.

Crocheting isn’t majorly different from knitting, and based on past experiences, it seems as though knitters pick it up rather easily. It could be more appealing for beginners as it has less tools (one crochet hook), easier techniques and it’s cheaper. Therefore it may be considered simpler and more painless than knitting, however you are still able to create your own pieces, and therefore it’s desirable.

There’s a slight misconception regarding crochet, where some believe that the craft is more suited to the warmer seasons. This could potentially be because it rose in popularity by showcasing small, breezy tanks and tops. Although I am here to tell you that is not the case! The craft is just as applicable to the winter as the summer, as practically anything can be crocheted. This involves warm sweaters, balaclavas, gloves, hats and heavy blankets. We’ve decided to pick our top items that can be crocheted and collect the patterns in this blogpost.

This bag from aircrochet is the perfect, most aesthetic accessory ever! It’s available in three sizes so you can choose the one that suits your style best. It’s crocheted in 100% cotton giving it that sturdy, yet slouchy feel and look. We also think the way the handles lay is so unique and cool!

This next homewear item, the briar blanket, is just the perfect accessory to your sofa/bed. We’re obsessed with it’s chunky structure and heavy weight as it falls so nicely on any piece of furniture. The neutral brown tone is also just a homewear must-have. 

This cowl from heklero is a must to keep your neck warm these coming cold months! We love how it can be layered with practically anything, while still looking stylish. It is suitable for those who are new to the crochet-world and can easily be completed in a night or two.

We’re obsessed with this crochet beach bag by strikkerlittmye. It comes in two sizes so you can choose the one that suits you better. Just because it’s a beach bag does not mean it can’t be used all year around, this can be rocked on the streets this winter, we are sure of it. 

This small pouch is just adorable! Made in the most gorgeous alpaca, silk and mohair blend! It is crocheted in a moss stitch, making it suitable to those who are beginners within the craft. We love this pouch and think it’s the perfect addition to any handbag.

Although Knit&Note initially started as an app for knitters to organize their projects, patterns, yarns and needles, we want it to be available for all makers within the arts and crafts community. Most of the app is currently applicable to crochet as well, but we’re constantly aiming to expand to be even more relevant for all craftsmanship types. We’re working on updating the needle stock to allow crochet hooks to be added, keep your eyes peeled!

We hope that you enjoyed this blogpost and that it inspired you to pick up a crochet hook this winter! It’s super trendy and simple, and will give you the satisfaction of creating something yourself that you can wear and use. Remember to follow us on instagram.

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