Fixing your knitting

Mistakes happen. It is the worst feeling when you are happily knitting along and then notice a mistake a few (or many) rows back. Just take a deep breath, there are lots of ways that you can try to fix a mistake in your knitting.

Rip it back

Like we mentioned in a recent blog post, you can just rip back the knitting until you reach your mistake. Then you just have to pick it up again and continue knitting.


It can be a challenge to pick up ripped back knitting. An option to make it easier is to add a lifeline. This is a piece of yarn that goes through each of the stitches on a particular row. That way, when you rip back, you can easily pick up all the stitches in that row, without dropping one. This is particularly helpful for complicated patterns like lace knitting.


Crochet hook

If you have just one stitch that is out of place. It is possible to fix it vertically down your work. You can just drop the stitch vertically above your mistake, and “unzip” all the way down to the mistake stitch. Then you can use a crochet hook to fix the stitch and “zip” it back up.

Double click the video to view it in full screen.

We hope that you can use some of these methods to help you fix a mistake in your knitting. If you have any other tricks that you like to use to fix your knitting, share them with us!

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