Knitted christmas decorations for your tree

Have you ever considered making your own Christmas decorations? With these knitting patterns you can do just that. Hand knitted ornaments are a great way of adding a personal touch to your christmas decorations. You can use them to decorate your own tree or give them as gifts to friends and family. They’re also an affordable way of decorating! Use small amounts of yarn from your existing stash and mix and match fibers for endless combinations. You still have time to knit these before christmas! 

A combination of Christmas decorations that can all be knitted with the scrap yarn you already have at home. Knit a stocking, pig,  santa hat, a sweater, a letter or mistletoe. These are so cute and an amazing way of bringing DIY to your Christmas collection this year. 

Just look at how cute Anne Emilie’s mistletoe is 🤎

Check out these cute little nutcrackers and christmas drums from knittingforafriend. We absolutely love how she’s put a personal spin on these classic holiday figures. You can also use and implement different colors, so it’s an excellent way of using up any leftover yarn you have.

Does your tree or windowsill still look a bit bare? Knit these Christmas decorations with any leftover yarn you have lying around. There is just something so cozy and stylish about knitted ornaments! You still have time to knit these before Christmas if you start now.

These charming i-cord knitted signs and shapes make the perfect Christmas decoration! Simply mold a wire into your desired shape, knit an i-cord separately, and then thread it over the wire. And voila, you’ve made cute wire figures or signs that add a personal touch to your decor. You can create any design or message you’d like – we’re absolutely obsessed with these!

These quick and festive decorations are the perfect addition to your christmas tree this year, as well as an amazing way of using up your scrap yarn. You still have time to knit them before Christmas, and you can continue using them for many years to come – sentimental and pretty decorations for the win!

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