Knitting: trendy and sustainable

Knitting is more than just a hobby; it’s a statement, a lifestyle, and a movement. With trends pointing towards a sustainable and personal approach to fashion, the knitting community is finding its moment in the spotlight. In this post, we look into knitting trends and how they intertwine with larger shifts in the fashion world.

Generation next in knitting:

Knitting isn’t just a pastime for our elders anymore. The younger generation is joining in, and we’re here for it! Making your own clothes is becoming a popular choice. Why worry about store prices, quality, or fit when you can design something perfect for yourself?

Why knit?

Knitting is not only a step towards a greener planet but also a way to care for your mind and body. In times when it’s so easy to just pick up our phones, knitting offers a moment of peace. The best part is that it lets you unwind while giving you a sense of achievement.

Supporting Slow-Fashion:

It’s a known fact that the fashion world contributes significantly to global emissions. That being said, slow fashion is on the rise and people care more about worker protection, sustainability and quality. By knitting and making your own clothes – you’re doing your part in reducing the environmental impact. So, hats off to you for making a difference!

Scandinavian inspiration & capsule pieces:

The charm of Scandinavian style is hard to ignore. It’s simple and elegant while aligning with sustainable choices. The idea is to have fewer but more versatile clothes. Think of it as building your own capsule wardrobe. Many fiber artists are promoting this idea, showcasing patterns that highlight quality over quantity.

The world of knitting is ever-evolving, reflecting not just fashion trends but also other societal values. As we try to be more eco-friendly and enjoy making things by hand, knitting is a great example of these goals. Here’s to creativity, sustainability, and, of course, many beautiful knitted pieces!

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