Motivating yourself: 5 tips to keep knitting this summer

Don’t worry, we get it. It can be hard to keep yourself knitting during the hot summer months. Your hands get sweaty and sticky, it is too hot to have your knit fabric laying on you, and honestly you’d much rather just be outside. If you need motivation to keep knitting during the coming hot months, here are our 5 tips to keep you knitting this summer.

1. Use lighter yarns

Using a light weight yarn and switching up your yarn fibre is a great way to keep knitting cool in the summer. You might have read about this in our spring article, but it is worth mentioning again. Using plant-based fibres, like linen, can make a big difference with how hot you feel when knitting. Using a light weight yarn, like fingering or lace, can also help. With less yarn running through your hands, you’ll have less fibre warming you up.

2. Choose summer friendly projects

Switch out your bulky sweaters for something a little more summer friendly. Knit something that you would wear in the summer. For some great suggestions, check out our article on tanks and tees that you can make. You can also skip making clothes altogether, and knit other items like dishcloths, table-runners, or stuffed animals.

3. Knit smaller items

Keep your projects small and quick to finish. That way you don’t have to deal with the weight and heat of a big project. Also, small projects finish up quickly, and finishing your projects is another thing that can keep you motivated.

4. Knit outside

If you feel the outdoors calling to you, then answer the call. But don’t forget your knitting! Knitting outside with the breeze between your fingers is a really lovely experience. A picnic in the park paired with a little knitting sounds like the perfect day. Plus, there are fun outdoor events to join too, like World Wide Knit in Public Day.

5. Track your knitting stats

Whether it is fitness app stats, or knitting app stats, wanting keeping your numbers up is a sure way to motivate yourself to keep going. Use the Calendar view on the Knit&Note App to see how the number of projects completed in the summer compares with those in the winter. There’s only one way to keep the numbers from going down, keep on knitting!

We hope that we can keep being your knitting cheerleaders all summer long. Hopefully these 5 tips to keep you knitting this summer will help you stay motivated. Don’t forget to tag us @knitandnote on Instagram with all your beautiful creations. We love to see them.

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