Our 2023 trend predictions: knitting edition

Trends can be hard to predict, especially when they fluctuate – which they do, a lot. That being said, we have decided to predict what we think will be trending this 2023, whether that be fashion or movements.

The fashion industry is crazy, and it is constantly changing. It’s hard to keep up and know what to wear to be deemed “trendy”. This does not always have to be the case, and we’re vouching for a year where re-wearing clothes is encouraged. As well as, purchasing (or making) high-quality clothing is cool. We want to find and advocate for pieces that can be styled with the rest of the things in your closet, and where the seams don’t come loose after one round in the washing machine.


Statement pieces - bright colours

Go for a daring colour, that you wouldn’t otherwise go for. More times than not, bright colours bring out the pretty features in people, which may not be as obvious if you’re clothes are dull. Having basics in your wardrobe is so important, it also means that you’ll be able to pair that one statement piece with the clothes you already have. Just add a pop of colour to an otherwise boring outfit and you’ll be a trendsetter this winter. That’s a win-win if you ask me! There are so many gorgeous patterns using bright-coloured yarns, there’s nothing stopping you. Add some colour to your life!


We love @knittingthea‘s #hipsterhat by petiteknit! This bright blue is a must in your winter wardrobe!

Oversized anything:

But more specifically, oversized sweaters. Oversized clothing has been around for a couple of months now but it’ll definitely follow us into the new year. Oversized is something we can get behind, it’s comfortable while being cute – what else could you want? Why not knit Gregoria Fiber’s oversized version of the velvety sweater? This will keep you cosy and warm during winter, what’s not to love?

Capsule wardrobes:

The Scandinavian style is on the rise. Simplicity and neutrals are showcased, and the people love it. This style also goes hand in hand with sustainability, where the style prioritizes high-quality pieces with less quantity of clothing items. Essentially, a promotion of the capsule wardrobe, where the same pieces can be styled endlessly.

There are many knitting creators that advocate and represent this movement. They make your life easy by creating patterns and showcasing exactly what pieces you need for a successful capsule wardrobe.  Augustins.dk is a perfect example of this, she has an aesthetic Instagram feed where she makes it clear that quality is more important than quantity. She also has an amazing website full of gorgeous and neutral clothing patterns for adults and children. These pieces are the perfect wardrobe staple while being slightly more unique than your basic sweaters – we love what she is doing. Check her out here.


Younger knitters:

Crafts will become even more popular among the younger generation, specifically knitting and crocheting. We’re fighting the stigma about knitting only being for the older generation! It’s so trendy to be able to create your own clothing. No need to go shopping and be upset over the price, quality or fit when you can tailor-make your own pieces. Knitting isn’t just for grandma’s anymore, and you should join the movement! Being able to knit is not only an amazing life skill, but it will also be super trendy in 2023. 

Advantages of knitting:

We think knitting for reasons other than creating something will become greater. Knitting is not only good for the planet, but it is also so good for your physical and mental health. Most people use it as a stress reliever and a way to disconnect from their otherwise busy and tense life. Finding a hobby that allows you to relax, while doing something meaningful, is so important. Nowadays it’s easy to reach for your phone in your downtime, which is also okay, but knitting is a great way to spend your pastime. Pick up your knitting, disconnect and gain a sense of achievement after completing your projects.


The current fashion industry is responsible for over 10% of global emissions, so why not be part of reducing those emissions by supporting industries that counteract just this? Slow fashion is on the rise and taking over in 2023. By being a knitter, or supporting other knitters/creators you are doing your part for the planet and fighting the detriment the fast-fashion industry has on the environment.Kudos to you!

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you can agree with some of our predictions. Only time will tell whether we’re right or not. Hope this year brings you happiness and loads of knitted pieces.

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