shawls and scarves: trendy & warm

The winter is approaching and we’ve already started thinking about what we can knit to stay warm during the cold winter months. Scarves and shawls have become more significant than just keeping your neck warm, they are now also fashionable accessories that can spice up any outfit. We know it may seem challenging to stay both warm and fashionable in cold temperatures but this is where scarves come in handy as they can break up an otherwise dull or lumpy outfit. This is something that will never actually go out of style as they have intent and can be cool!

woolen shawls and scarves

It is also important to make sure that the scarf you wear actually provides warmth, this is when it’s important that it’s knitted in 100% woolen material. Wool is a natural temperature regulating fiber that  “captures” the air which then ensures that you stay warm when cold, or cold when warm. Large retail stores often offer scarves with a much smaller wool percentage, so while they may look stylish, they may not actually being doing their job, i.e. provide warmth. This is when it is handy to be able to knit your own accessories, as yarn with much higher wool percentages are utilized, guaranteeing warmth and style.

We have chosen four scarves and shawls that we think are gorgeous while being able keep you warm this winter! These can be great projects for beginners, for people who want to use up leftover yarn or as Christmas gifts for friends and family! 

Sophie shawl by petite knit is a lovely shawl that is worked back and forth in one piece in a garter stitch. It is the longer and larger version of the Sophie scarf which I wrote a blogpost on here. These are super popular and with good reason! Not only is it a beautiful  shawl knitted in gorgeous materials, it’s so fashionable too! We love how it can be styled in so many ways and can be used as both a scarf and shawl. 

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Strikkekaffe’s scallop scarf is the most beautiful scarf with a seamless edge knitted in double rib. The scarf has two layers as its worked in rounds which will help you keep warm on the colder days while remaining stylish! This scarf is so gorgeous and definitely a super nice accessory for winter.

Gregoria fiber’s barbara shawl is a gorgeous patterned shawl knitted in a broken garter stitch. If you are a beginner and want to try knitting with a pattern, this shawl is well suited to you as it is created by repeating a simple sequence of knits and purls. You’re left with a textured, three-dimensional piece. It’s a larger shawl that can be wrapped around your neck or worn traditionally, depending on your own personal style. That flexibility allows the accessory to be styled in so many different ways and spice up any outfit!


Finally, we’ve got my favourite things knitwear’s scarf no.2. This is a slightly smaller scarf in a structural pattern, but don’t fret it doesn’t give off less heat.If you choose to knit this one the pattern utilises a cashmere yarn, which is a light yet warm material – often known to be the finest and most elegant wool. Therefore, we think this scarf is so nice and an absolute must-have this winter. These are knitted by @knitpit

We hope you’ve been inspired to knit a scarf by this post and that you think one of the above is worth adding to your wardrobe. It’s so important to keep warm this winter, so why not make sure you look fashionable while doing so? We think these scarves are gorgeous and will definitely knit a few of them this fall. Start now and you’ll have your scarves ready for Christmas! These are also perfect projects if you want to use up leftover yarn you have laying around. Good luck! Tag us on instagram, we love to see what you’re knitting at the moment!

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    1. Hey, we agree so we made one! When you’re on the app on the pattern page, you can press the little + in the bottom right corner, then you’re given the option to add “new category” where there’s a picture of a scarf/shawl and you can name the pattern accordingly. Hope you test it out and love it 🙂

  1. Thank you for the easy patterns. Sometimes we get so wrapped up with complicated knitting projects that we forget that simple is very rewarding. Getting ready for major spine surgery. Recovery is long and I am hoping I can start some of these simple but rewarding patterns💕

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