The news is finally out!

Hi all fellow makers!

We’ve been working on something really exciting lately, and we’re so excited to finally share it with you.  As you may already know we are adding patterns to the app,  but what is going to surprise you is how we’re doing it.  

We are here to simplify the lives of makers all over the world, and to be honest – the way we buy patterns today has a lot of unnecessary steps. There are a lot of  things to consider during the purchasing process, such as the quality of the pattern, how easy it is to use and if it’s worth the money – especially when trying something new. Now picture this: What if it was as easy to acquire a pattern as it is to watch a movie on Netflix?

Game changer!

As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with the best possible knitting/crocheting experience, we are thrilled to announce a completely new approach to finding and using patterns.  After months of hard work and dedication we are introducing a subscription service for patterns in the Knit&Note app, where you’ll get unlimited access to all patterns available. This is a game-changer!

The perks:

We’ll take the hassle out of buying patterns and make everything super easy for you. You can access a multitude of new patterns with just one click, and start using them right away with the help of our tools, such as the highlighter, row counters, and other essential features. And with our subscription, you’ll never run out of inspiration. We’ll continuously add new and exciting patterns, so you always have something to work on. It’ll be easy to discover new patterns and get inspired by seeing which ones are popular. It is all at your fingertips! Our designers and patterns are thoroughly chosen to guarantee quality and stylish designs. We have already partnered with some of the most reputable designers, recommended by you!  


To kick this whole thing off we’re doing a kickstarter campaign launching after the summer.  Everyone is welcome to join and receive exclusive benefits and discounts. By supporting our campaign, you’ll have the opportunity to get early access to our subscription service, along with other exciting rewards and perks. Do you want to be one of the first ones out?  Click here to sign up for our Kickstarter.

Join us!

We’re committed to providing a stress-free and enjoyable experience for all our users, and this service is an important part of  that promise. With a wide range of patterns from inspiring designers, you’ll have easy access to the latest trends and endless possibilities. Finally, you can enjoy knitting and all it has to offer at its fullest potential.

7 thoughts on “The news is finally out!”

  1. Melanie Findley

    Hi, will we be able to download the patterns to our device and use them with apps like Knit Companion? Will we own the pattern then? Not the rights, just the pattern.

    1. I’m sorry to share that this will not be possible, as we have to protect designer’s copyright and illegal sharing.

      1. So, essentially, this will work like MakingThings? We have to log in/go to the app/whatever, every time we want to work on our project. If it’s different, please help us understand how.

        1. Hey Lesley! I’m not familiar with MakingThings so can’t advise you on it’s similarity to Knit&Note. Currently our app works as a place where you can store your yarn, needles, manage your library and project entries. We also have inspiration, helpful tips and a community in the app. This is all free with the non-premium version of the app. The new concept we are releasing in the fall is a further step in gathering all your knitting needs in one place. It’s an opportunity for those that would like to receive unlimited access to all the patterns available in the app, at a monthly subscription fee.

      2. Sooo, what is it you really are offering? Pattern or no pattern? Can I download or do I have to be in K & N everytime I use it?
        K & N only has minimum usage (truthfully) for project usage on a phone so still not sure why this would be different if we don’t really have “bought” the pattern vs “subscribe” to it….

  2. Will there be a subscription level for those of us who just want a place to track our yarn and manage our pattern library and project entries? I love the app for tracking my actual projects, supplies, and patterns, but I don’t use all of this social or purchasing crap. I don’t want blog entries, I don’t want social connection, and I DON’T want to be roped into a subscription pattern browsing service? The Making App already tried this and it was a disaster.

    I’m more than happy to keep paying a small fee for a stripped down version of the app that lets me track and integrate my yarn, patterns, and projects. But if I end up forced into some social and pattern subscription nonsense, I’m just going to cancel everything.

    1. Hi! Don’t worry, there will still be a non-premium, non-paying version of the app where you’ll be able to store your yarn, needles, manage your library and project entries. This new concept is just an extra opportunity for those that would like to receive patterns in the app. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts and are delighted that you enjoy the current app.

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