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Referring to our previous blogpost on sunset sweaters, sweaters during the summer is a necessity in some nordic countries. Although I wish we could be without, at least we can make sure the ones we wear are trendy and cute. There are so many variations in the yarn, patterns, texture and design which is just another bonus when tailoring a sweater to your own needs. For summer, however, we do enjoy a light, fluffy knit, perfect for those slightly cooler days.

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The popularity of the sommerfryd sweater has risen and we think it makes the perfect summer sweater. The sweater is from knitteriet and makes the perfect beginner project due to its simplicity – why not start your knitting journey this summer? As I mentioned, it is important that these sweaters are light and airy and the use of thick knitting needles will help create this look. Additionally, the combination of kid mohair and wool gives it the perfect delicate-texture. 


They specify that they use a variation of yarns from different brands, but it is up to you and your preference. Essentially, you could knit it all in one colour if you’re just looking for a light and fluffy knit without the stripes. However, if you want it to look somewhat like the picture you should choose a similar colour palette. 


Adding on to that, we believe the combinations of colours on this sweater is what makes it. The stripey colour look is just perfect for brightening up your outfit on an otherwise boring day. With over 6 different shades, it is bound to be the most colourful piece in your wardrobe. Add some colour and happiness to your life by knitting the perfect summer sweater from knitteriet. You can purchase a package including the pattern and yarn here


Pair the sweater with some white linen trousers, jean shorts or over a dress and you will look super trendy this summer! Show us your looks by tagging us on instagram @knitandnote

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