Sweater curse

Do you believe in the power of a curse? I had heard about the sweater curse before, and recently got reminded of it in an Instagram post from @knotfancyknitter.

The story goes that if you knit your significant other a sweater, the relationship is doomed to fail. Some versions say that it will end before the sweater is finished and others suggest that after the sweater is given, the relationship will fall apart.

You might have heard about it from a fellow knitter and the phenomenon has been documented in the media. So to some, this is no joke. It even has its own Wikipedia page!

This hit a little bit close to home as I am currently knitting my husband a sweater for the first time. I couldn’t help but wondering, am I taking an unnecessary risk!? However, there are examples to make me think otherwise. Knit&Note’s founder, Anne Emilie, assured me that she has made several sweaters for her husband and the curse hasn’t taken hold. I’m hoping to finish the sweater next month, so I think I’ll have to keep going and just see what happens.

Have you or someone you know fallen prey to the sweater curse? We’d love to hear your stories, so tag us on Instagram!

3 thoughts on “Sweater curse”

  1. Hi! Just signed up for Knit and note. I have a sweater curse story. I was dating a man for most of a year, when I decided to knit him a sweater. I spent leisure time with him often knitting arms we watched sports, movies, car auctions. He loved when I knit sitting beside him. Said it was cute “old lady cute”. I should have seen the signs! Red flag on the field!! Danger Will Robinson!! Nope, I kept knitting and sizing. At a point, I told him there exists a sweater curse. What? He asked. I told him all about it and we laughed and I named it “Danger sweater”. I was past 2/3 finished, when things died. I don’t understand , he had been so attentive and sweet, then just cold. I broke it off. So, Danger sweater shall not be finished by me, I may donate it somewhere or I could frog it and start over? Anyway, I’ll never again threaten any relationship by knitting for a special someone. Grandkids, sure, but if we are intimate- no way! Haha

  2. I’ve tried it once, with my ex. I made him an Hanstholm Sweater and shortly after he broke up in the worst way!

    Well, I only knitted it because I had sweaters enough and I needed a new project. It wasn’t even in the prettiest yarn or whatever, so he better enjoy it.

    But I have knitted my BF two sweaters now and he hasn’t left. So I guess it could be something like a “fixing project” for the relationship, and then… boom, the partner leaves anyway.

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